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    Magazines Are Not Dead—They’re Alive and Well in Our Executive Vehicles

    Articles like this one from Newsweek explain how important magazines are to the fabric of our daily lives. Eli Darland, founder of Rare Form Limousine, has always had a fondness for magazines, taking as many as 20 subscriptions a year.

    Rare Form Limousine’s executive vehicles each have six current magazines available for you to enjoy.

    Three local lifestyle magazines, 425 Magazine, Seattle Magazine, and Seattle Metropolitan, keep you abreast of what’s happening around Seattle and the Eastside.

    Two luxury lifestyle magainzes, Architectural Digest and Robb Report, showcase the newest trends in the finer things.

    Finally, Washington Tasting Room delves into the Washington wine culture, inspiring our executive clients to experience the playful side of Rare Form Limousine by joining us for wine tasting, Woodinville style.


    425 Magazine

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