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    Alki Point Is the Place for Easy Scenery

    The single most popular request made by our clients during a limousine ride is to be taken on a scenic drive. While Washington state is covered in beautiful scenery, not many places close to our metropolitan service area are truly scenic.

    Many people have the same favorite requests, the most popular being cruising around Alki Point. Another popular choice for easy scenery is driving across Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. It seems that the most popular sight around is downtown Seattle, since it is the main visual attraction in both of those destinations.

    Downtown Seattle

    We think the cityscape is beautiful, too, which is why when we are driving to downtown Seattle from the airport, we usually enter the city via the Alaskan Way Viaduct. This highway steers you literally right next to the city, providing an “in your face” view that has to be experienced with someone else driving to fully appreciate the beauty. We’ll be sad if the Alaskan Way viaduct is replaced with a tunnel or surface street.

    Alaskan Way Viaduct

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